Fun and Photoshopping with Holiday Characters

Folks, the holidays are full of crazy things, but none worse than commercials for politicians in a presidential campaign, as well as those ads which feature parodies of beloved Christmas special characters.  Because I have such an extremely twisted mind, I have chosen to do the unthinkable – create a variety of campaign memes which use beloved Christmas characters and, through the power of photoediting software, make very badly done mockups of highly unbelievable cherished holiday characters saying things to Make Christmas Great, or some nonsense like that.

Please enjoy, or decry, or whatever the hell you’ve chosen to do…but like the lines given on your local favorite college or pro sports teams, these are strictly, strictly, for entertainment purposes only.  Oh, and pay close attention to the captions!

Charlie_Brown_Xmas_tree copy

Linus Van Pelt (left) grew up to be a political consultant.

christmas vacation santa copy

One of Santa’s off-season hobbies is prank calls.

kerplunk copy

This could be titled “Of Mice And Rats.”

Hanukah Zombie copy

You want truth, speak to the dead, and that includes ZOMBIES!


Of course, to no one’s surprise, Santa was a BIG believer in “plastic surgery” (Cue the facepalms and groans)

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