Thoughts about Super Bowl 50

Thoughts about Super Bowl 50 while riding the freeway.  No, I’m not driving:


What most of us would have rather watched.

The ads for “Deadpool” are already getting old.  What did that take, thirty seconds?

Deion Sanders cracked on Cam Newton’s reaction to losing the Super Bowl.  I wonder how Deion would have reacted to Newton actually tackling him.

Lady Gaga did not look like the Hunger Games’ Effie Trinket.  She looked like Hillary Clinton crossed with Jessica Rabbit.

Coldplay wasn’t just the halftime show.  It was the quality of the game.

Tom Brady getting booed was the best thing seen since Ted Cruz was caught cheating.

Was it just me, or did it look like Peyton Manning was ready to deck his brother for lack of emotion.

As usual, the refs had all the intelligence of turnips.


Come can't say this isn't funny as hell!

The ads were okay, but Super Bowl XXV’s “Bud Bowl III” was the gold standard.  How can you not love a long neck wideout….file that under “things that sound dirty but really aren’t.”

John Elway still looks like a horse.

Defense wins championships.  Period.

Bring on baseball season.

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