Some reasons why Hillary Clinton is one woman many Americans cannot stomach

The latest media polls show Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a dead heat in the Democratic primary race.  With a huge win in Nevada, Clinton has been given a second wind in her campaign against Sanders.  Still, many Americans can’t even stomach the thought of her becoming the first female president.  Here’s a look at some reasons that may be the case.

Trust factor.  Clinton is ranked as one of the least trustworthy politicians of the last 25 years.  Her body of political work speaks volumes, but it also is a huge bone of contention based on her being embroiled in scandal after scandal.  Her team is fiercely loyal, almost delusional to some, in how they defend her.  When she sticks her foot in her mouth or baldfaced lies, the spin team is a pack of ruthless pit bulls, even when it is clear she is wrong.

Intimidation moves.  Hillary is infamous for how she intimidates opponents, and pigeonholes any who get in her way.  Her White House time as First Lady was once described as a culture of paranoia and fear. 

Bad temper.  While hubby and former President Bill was described as laid back and affable, Hillary is known worldwide for her explosive temper.  Bill is, according to some insiders, the only person who can calm her down, and thats saying something.

Machiavelli could take notes.  Hillary is the example for “ends justifying the means.”  Her attitude, her tactics, her demeanor scream “antidemocratic control freak.”  thats just as First Lady.

Closet one percenter.  The Rodham family is about as connected financially and politically as any in the nation.  While she claims to stump for the “little man,” Hillary is well-connected, well-heeled (despite her temper) and has been on the Boards of many companies, including…wait for it…Walmart.

Finally, Hillary has this knack for pissing people off.  Forget the whole “strong woman” persona.  At some point, diplomacy and the ability to actually relate to world leaders and different cultures doesn’t mean crap if you can’t get your own citizenry behind you. This is not good for any potential President.

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