Some more divine political humor


God apparently lives in Tampa Bay! Hockey fans, weather wonks, and Floridians will get that joke!

With the Presidential campaigns getting heated, the Republican and Democratic party leaders went before the one individual whose endorsement would be sure to win the election for them.  They chose to get God’s blessing.

The Democratic leader pleaded to the Almighty:  “I care deeply for America.  Our party is about the poor, the downtrodden, those who have been taken advantage of.  We believe in what you believe in – love, peace and being good to everyone.”

The Republican leader took their turn:  “I love America.  Our party believes in you.  We have preachers and ministers supporting your righteous causes.  We are against abortion, for personal responsibility, and believe that religion and you should be allowed back in the classroom.”

God asked one simple question of them both.

“What is the one true religion?”

Both leaders looked at each other, puzzled.  They then looked at God and said “You, of course.”

“So,” God said, “If I said that I was a giant wad of chewing gum, my command was to give every person a wad of chewing gum, and apply the wad to their foreheads and walk around, lest risk eternal damnation, you’d convince everyone to do so lest I smite you and you feel my wrath?”

They both nodded.

God laughed gently, then hit them both with enough of a zap of lighting to scorch their clothes but not kill them.  “Listen, and listen carefully.  If you ever, ever claim to have been made in my image again, I’ll do more than just zap you.  Just the thought of my image resemble either of you, is insulting!”

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