A genuine concern over this upcoming election

Political rants are something i avoid like the plague because they rarely ever solve anything.  This time, however, i feel a need to make like the mythical Cassandra and cry a warning to my fellow Americans about things which concern me.  Many I know will claim I am a fool for saying this, while others will wonder why i care or bother.  This is not done out of a desire for attention, but a call to serve in the best way i know how, by reading the writing on the wall of the world.

What I write here is merely what I sense, and what I sense is our nation is at a tipping point.  This election is the climax, the nexus, of that.  Who we choose from the choices offered will decide our nation’s fate.  If we choose wisely, history will judge our nation as visionary.  If we choose poorly, there will be little of a nation left for history to judge at all.

This is not to sound alarmist.  We are a nation im desperate need of healing.  We have grown angry because of our refusal to acknowledge our errors, and because many of us want to use those errors to become enriched in an ill-gotten manner.  What is done, is done.  Undoing the past is impossible, all we can do is learn from it.  Yes, our past is one of conquest and bondage, wars of ethnic and economic superiority, and we continue to fight those wars today, only under the guise of religion and political ideology.  We are so focused on defense we allow ourselves to become the aggressor.  “Kill them before they kill us.”  That is the mantra of justification.

I’m no peacenik.  I understand war is necessary.  I also understand there will be another war, and this time the biggest war ever.  The “War on Terror” is a mirage, a well-intended action which morphed into a distraction.  If our leaders had the will to end terrorism, we would have seen little more than sporadic incidents.  The next major war we fight will likely be decided on our shores, and no longer will our men and women go off to die in a foreign land.  They will be asked to die here.  The concern is simple.

Our next President will decide if our nation lives or dies.  If that person finishes the war, we live.  However, if that person starts the war, we don’t.  Americas destiny is not aggression,  no matter how much of it she committed in the past.  Her destiny is healing and renewal.  Whether we allow her to meet that destiny depends on if we choose from two sides of an angry coin, or step aside and choose neither.   Yes, it can be done.

When i know more on that, you’ll  know.

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