A special request of my readers for Americus, Georgia

I rarely ever make a personal appeal of this nature to my readers, but tonight I’m doing so.  My college town, Americus, Georgia, is dealing with a rash of violent crime and economic problems like it’s never seen.  Many of the city’s residents live below the poverty line, and it is ranked as one of the worst cities in Georgia for violent crime.  This is a beautiful city which deserves better, and should have a much better future.

For that reason I am asking my readers to please keep Americus in your thoughts and prayers.  Those of you who pray, please ask for its leaders and citizens to find peace and comfort, and to be granted the wisdom and courage needed to weather this civic hurricane.  I ask that we all hope for this city to heal the wounds within itself, and that brighter days lay ahead.

While I poke fun at the political happenings there, Americus will always hold a special place in my heart.  I truly love the city and its citizens and that is why I am making this appeal.  To those I care for, friends and those I consider family, please know you’re in the prayers and thoughts of many today.  A brighter day will hopefully shine down upon this beautiful, historic town and that I will once again shine as a jewel in Georgia’s crown.

One thought on “A special request of my readers for Americus, Georgia

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the current conditions in Americus. I lived and worked there from 1959 until 1966. It was a wonderful city and people were kind to one another. Granted, there was a time of unrest due to the civil rights movement, but I believe most of the citizens worked diligently to restore harmony. I realize that we are living in different times but I hope that the goodness inherent in most of humanity will prevail.

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