Old friend wishes a new day

A city divided, people pointing fingers,
Much pain inflicted from longtime citizens.
Everyone wants their piece of the pie
Nobody wants to admit their complicity.

New blood is infused one who wish the best for all
Drives, strives, endures to learn the truth
His wish is simple; the best for all concerned and affected
To create a new day from the ashes of what once was.

His heart is wounded but strong, bloodied by healing
He finds solace is learning all he can and sharing it.
Hardened hearts he avoids, softened hearts he embraces
His world is that of knowledge, compassion and kindness.

Others are skeptical of his motives
Why would someone from outside want to help?
What they do not understand is he is a mirror
Of what they feel and think for themselves.

His mind is limitless, his heart open to new ideas
Others around him to take to the concept of rebirth
A city reborn, a community united, but he is merely a cog
He wishes no recognition, only that they all unite and rebuild.

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