Five shows well past their prime

Family Guy: once considered cutting edge and groundbreaking, Seth MacFarlands satirical animated comedy has begun to not only show signs of its age, but is also become less edgy and more formulaic by the season. The greatest single problem for FG now is predictability. It’s almost possible to do a drinking game based on the episodes. Fox does have a giant wheelbarrow of money contract with MacFarland but it’s a safe bet that contract will likely not be extended. When you’re doing Game of Thrones cutaways, time to retire. It’s time for Quahog for return to normal.

The Simpsons: even Matt Groening has admitted he’s really stunned the show is still going. James Brooks is going for the all time episode record and Fox execs recently confirmed reports the series may indeed wrap up after season 30 which would leave it with the all time longest running series in history. Even though the show has had its share of gaffes and flubs, it does still have reasonable fresh writing. Unfortunately it’s just not the same in this day and age.

Big Brother: after a while you start to wonder what sponsors are making big money? The entire series aside from a giant cat fight appears to be a product placement course. CBS needs to stop being cheap in the offseason and let this show pass away. If Idol can be cancelled, so can Big Brother.

Days of our lives: rumors swirled at NBC a few years back that Corday Productions was ready to pull the plug but for a fan letter and email campaign. There’s a saying about Days “Nobody is ever really dead on Days” well that went for the series itself. It’s time for that mythos to cease and Days hourglass to run out.

Jerry Springer: is there some sort of cult out there which has a ritual involving white supremacist lesbian jello fight weddings? That’s the only possible explanation why this show is still running!

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