Five Souls Now Stars In The Sky

Five lives snuffed in an instant
Victims of evil’s hand.
The backstory is unimportant
What matters is the bullets were fired in malice.

When does it become right to take a life?
Is it in defense of one’s person?
Of one’s nation?
Of one’s cause?

When we allow ourselves to judge
To become the law, personified
We become the worst of us
Regardless if who you are.

Some will say it was coming
Does it make it right?
Can’t we find a solution to this morass
And support those who serve and protect?

All deserve a life of dignity
All deserve to come home at night
All deserve to be surrounded by loved ones
All deserve to go where appreciated.

Blue is the color of calm
It is the color of the sky
Those who died Monday night
Join those in the sky, flying
Becoming as the stars they wore in life.

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