Perspective and the writer’s gift to another

A young man once sat on a bench, crying.  His life was shattered.  He had just divorced, had no job and barely was making ends meet with the meager jobs he landed.  It felt to him like life had abandoned him.  A woman sat next to him, dressed like an executive at a major company, and noticed his sadness.

“What’s wrong?”

The man looked at her, embarrassed, and admitted his issues. “I screwed up so bad.  I left my wife because I didn’t love her anymore, I left my job because it was destroying me. I left everything because I believed that my life was over.  My friends abandoned me.  Nobody talking to me anymore.  I have nothing.”

The woman looked at a book sitting the man’s bag, and it was familiar.  “You read this too?  I loved that book.”

Now the man was supremely embarrassed, pushing the book down into his bag out of sight.  The woman, realizing she had upset him further, attempted to apologize.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.”

“It’s not that,” the man chuckled, then sighed.  “I wrote that book!”

The woman produced the same book from her briefcase and looked at the authors picture on the back cover.  Astonished, she was speechless for a moment.  “This is a great book!  What happened?”

“I didn’t sell but ten copies,” he sighed.  “I was a total failure at writing.”

She took his hand and hers and smiled at him.  “Look, you might be broke and poor, but let me give you some perspective.  I’m an executive at a Fortune 500 company, and I have high blood pressure, I’m on seven different medicines, been in a lot of empty relationships, been in a car wreck which left me with a messed up back, and nearly died when I drank a drink spiked with the date rape drug because a colleague I didn’t like wanted to have sex with me.  I don’t trust men, and barely trust women.  My parents are both dead, and I spent the last ten years taking off 100 lbs.  I only trust money because it never betrayed me.  I can use it as I need to and never questions me.  So let me ask you, who is the bigger failure?”

The man looked at her, sighed, and shook his head.  “I dunno.  I can’t imagine you being that cold.”

She shed a tear and kissed him on the cheek.  “You know, this book was written to inspire people to find their heart.  To beleive that there was more to life.  Now I know why it’s so believable – because the author is a real person and truly believes in it.  You can’t imagine me being cold and right now, i feel love for you.  I haven’t felt love in two decades.  My mom said God doesn’t let us have what we want unless it teaches us a greater lesson.  I got what I wanted and I got to meet my favorite author today.  The former taught me the price I had to pay for having it all.”

The man looked at her.  “What did I teach you?”

She smiled at him and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.  “The moral of my life story:   I used to think being happy was impossible, but you spoke out of true love of your fellow man and where true love exists, nothing is impossible.”

She finished “sometimes, our mission in life isn’t about being wealthy or having what we want, but helping someone who has it all see what they are missing.  Now, if you’ll join me, let me buy you some coffee and maybe I can inspire your next book.”

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