Responsible and responsibility

It is easy to behave and act in a responsible manner. That is a society norm. Paying bills, saving money, living within ones means and contributing to society are extremely simple things.

Taking responsibility is vastly different. This requires holding yourself accountable for your actions, your reactions and your thoughts. It requires humility and the ability to swallow pride, and involves the wounding of ones heart, making amends to those whose hearts we wound even if we were not wrong to do so, and accepting that even when we feel like we’ve done all we should to win, we lose. It is about learning that life usually doesn’t give us what we want and that the bad guys often win, and that love is something only a select few are given in the right place and time. It also means accepting the fact that, in many cases, no one will ever apologize to their actions upon you but, for your own sake, apologizing for your misdeeds is a liberating feeling.

Taking responsibility means all this because it means looking yourself in the mirror and saying “I’m me, and nobody else, and I accept it.”

One thought on “Responsible and responsibility

  1. I don’t know, humanity’s been doing pretty well by being selfish, shortsighted, egomaniacal, etc. Well, I mean, not be any rational standard. But it does make us feel good for a few moments at a time, and that’s what’s important.

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