Hurricane Matthew: Share your stories here

If you are an evacuee from Hurricane Matthew in Florida or Georgia or riding out the storm, I am inviting you to share your accounts about the storm on this page in the comments section.  It doesn’t matter what the story is – it could be a one line tale or heroism or a three paragraph price gouging complaint.  You are welcome here, and hopefully can find some fellowship and camaraderie.ir_enhanced_storm3_1

After the storm clears, I will invite you all to share your experiences and feeling about the hurricane, government responses, charity assistance and whatever ever strikes you.

My memories of the 2004 hurricane season are forever etched in my memory and I will do whatever it takes to help anyone in the path of a hurricane feel a sense of comfort and normalcy.  Please, share this with everyone, and stay safe.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


One thought on “Hurricane Matthew: Share your stories here

  1. Monitoring the conditions for the storm in Gainesville on Florida Public Radio Emergency Network. The station is part of our NPR station. The best updates I’ve heard all day. Light rain at the moment. We will get winds at some point today. I have to say this is very unnerving. Lived in Florida for 8 years and this is my second event. On my birthday Hermain surprised me at 3 a.m. This time I am staying up to ensure I am not jolted out of my sleep.

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