The Darkest Night of My Soul

Tonight is the darkest of nights

The last safe place I had, violated

Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide 

That demons haunts me

There is no place for me to go

I am cornered ,Trapped

Like an animal

My heart its  snack

My soul its dinner

It can have me

I care not if the darkness consumes me

It already has it shall forever devour me

My heart no longer beats true

Tis cold, dark and heavy

Like a lump of coal wrapped in tar

My soul is weighed down

Trapped yearning for release

What’s done is done

What’s past is past

I cannot win nor escape nor negotiate

All that waits is fate and darkness

The burial shroud covers me

The last haven I knew now gone

I can no longer hide

All I can do is pray for an outcome

Something anything to bring closure

To what feels eternal. 

The darkness can have me

I give my unconditional surrender.

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