Fifteen things men need to start doing right now.

Well fellas, I’m about to make fifteen statements I’m sure will piss off “traditional men” or “men who pee standing up.”  This is a list of things we, as a gender, really need to start doing today and if we can’t figure out why, then we are our own worst enemy now. 

Face it, the “gender war” is a lost cause.  The reason we can’t win is because of our own stupidity.  Rather than actually thinking with our hearts and heads simultaneously, we chose to think with our gonads.  That never ends well.  So here we go, with fifteen things we men need to start doing right this very second:

  1. Quit bullying each other based on whether we are “real men.”  For Christ’s sake, last I checked, a “real man” is as subjective as political ideology.  There is no real absolute except basic decency to others. 
  2. Accept there is a gender pay gap and figure out where and why it exists.  Look if we don’t set the damn example, nobody else will do it.
  3. Quit saying “whatever” during an argument with a woman and walking away.  Our strength is supposedly poise:  let’s show it, dammit!
  4. Get the hell away from “crazy” women (or men), asap!  News flash:  if there’s nobody interested in their behavior, they have to eventually look in the mirror and say “maybe it really is me,” right?  Well, we can get away anyway.
  5. Quit justifying every insult of a peer on “moral” grounds.  If you claim to be a Christian, remember Christs prime commandment; love your neighbor as you would love me.  Everyone else, Golden Rule applies.
  6. Stop expecting anyone to “complete” us.  It won’t happen.
  7. Focus on the good things we do in this world.  There are enough stereotypes; let’s actually tell the stereotype creators where they can go.
  8. Quit denying “rape culture” exists.  Instead, listen for once and do nothing but listen.  More important, remember what was said and use it to make you better.  If you are already a “good guy,” keep being good, but call out those who hurt others.
  9. Don’t be afraid to tell a woman when she’s wrong.  Sorry ladies, you’re just as wrong as we are.  We just never figured out how to tell you “you’re wrong and you know it” to your face in a civil manner.
  10. Accept that in most cases, we will be portrayed as pigs and lying sacks of crap.  We haven’t helped our cause. But take some comfort in knowing the many of the very same people who scream that often do the exact same thing.
  11. Stop thinking life’s not fair.  Life is what you make it.  Sometimes you lose for a long time, then hit a crazy patch of winning. 
  12. Remember that losing isn’t bad unless it’s your freedom or your life. Otherwise, losing simply is.
  13. Stop blaming a woman (or another man) for rejection. If you made a mistake, correct it for next time.  If you didn’t, take the punch and move forward and accept it’ll hurt like hell sometimes.  Let karma handle the rest – the more class you show, the more you attract the person you want.
  14. Realize that some men will be stronger, faster, smarter, better looking, richer, or better in bed than you.  However it is almost impossible to find someone who is better than you at all those things put together.
  15. Finally, quit worrying about finding a mate.  The saying “let the game come to you” is applicable in everything in life.  The harder you try, the less it’ll happen.  Relax and unfocus yourself – our wildest dreams in life usually happen when we aren’t trying or stopped caring.

And yes I am expecting some screaming about this from both men and woman.  Fire away!

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