Guess what, Aquarius?  We Virgos know the 10 ways to push your buttons

In our last episode, mighty Virgo attacked Sagittarius Nation with some accuracies that annoyed us.  Today, I take a long look in the mirror at the very things we do to annoy the living crap out of our zodiac foil, Aquarius.

Gotta love Aquarians.  They have a truly broad “come as you are” attitude but, when you get right down to it, we Virgos drive them up a wall.   So here’s some things we do to piss off the Aquarian in our lives.

  1. We are homebodies, mostly:  Virgo has very little sense of adventure except when something is to be added to our knowledge base.  Aquarius loves to travel, while Virgo prefers to stay at home and relax or do something with a goal or destination in mind.
  2. Crowds just are not our thing:  at last check, a Virgo is about a comfortable in a crowd as a cat is at a dog convention.  We just dont like em.  We are generally at least introverts, when Aquarius is usually extroverted and gregarious.  For Aquarius, getting Virgo to go out to a concert is like pulling a dog into a vets office.
  3. We can be very closed minded when we want to be:  when a Virgos mind is made up, that’s it.  Aquarians tend to be able to see all sides, even when an opinion is formed.  The classic Virgo, however, is a clinic in heel digging, head smashing, wall pounding argumentativeness when our minds are made up.  Aquarius could do well to avoid the flightiness of Sagittarius, but at least they aren’t total self centered jerks.
  4. Tunnel vision, anyone:  Virgo is a super focused sign, but that focus is a detriment at times.  Aquarius sees the big picture while Virgo is staring at the little tree in the forest.  While Rome is burning, we worry about if we have to go to work the next day.  Aquarius wants to slap us at times for that.
  5. Virgo doesn’t not play well with micro managers:  Virgo hates being told what to do, but more so how to do it.  You can blame out meticulous nature which compels us to learn all we can before we dive in wholesale.  For Aquarius, leadership comes naturally but so does managing the details to the last letter.  For Virgo, people who like to tell them how to do a job is like sandpaper underwear.  Aquarians and Virgos in business are a classic head butting pair, and a micromanaging Aquarian will soon be ready to put a boot in Virgo where the sun don’t shine.
  6. Picky picky picky:  a Virgo is a fault finder, and that rankles Aquarius to no end.  Aquarians are generally idealists, and they love to find consensus and higher ground.  The problem is their own flaws are pointed out easily by Virgo, who is them hurt when Aquarius unyielding sense of truth comes out and bites us.  Oops.
  7. We’re as cold as ice:  Virgo is known for not showing emotion.  We wrap them up in a package of logic and reason.  Aquarius wears their heart on their sleeves, as does Virgo, but Aquarius is unafraid of being given a hard time about their emotions because they either snap back or blow it off.  For Virgo, showing the softer side is painful and we drive Aquarius to the edge of departure with our aloof, stoic nature.
  8. Precision honesty:  Aquarians, like their Sagittarius cousins, are brutally honest, but Virgo’s honestly is so precise, so needling, so much like a mosquito bite in the wrong spot, it drives Aquarius insane, but that’s nowhere near as bad as….
  9. Sickening disarming charm:  believe it or not, a Virgo could charm the pants off a penguin.  Despite our introverted nature, a Virgo is an exceptional student of people and, like anything we study, we do so with the goal of perfecting our technique.  In this case, it’s person-to-person interaction.  That leads to the final button we push…
  10. A Masters Level flirtation skill:  never make the mistake of assuming that Virgo is incapable of seduction.  Of all the signs, the virgin is anything but.  In fact, most of the most skilled people on earth in the arena of flirtation and sexuality as actually Virgos.  The worst part is this:  most of the time we aren’t even trying.  Being flirtatious, charming and sweet is our nature.  We attract people naturally (despite our loner nature) and, for steadfast and loving Aquarius, this is the one thing which really honks them off.  While we are loyal companions and devoted lovers, getting us to turn off the flirtation switch is no easy feat because, frankly, half the time we don’t even know we’re doing it.

Okay Aquarians.  I’m sure you have buttons of your own to add so fire away.  This should be extremely interesting.

4 thoughts on “Guess what, Aquarius?  We Virgos know the 10 ways to push your buttons

  1. Uh ohhh. Lol. As a fellow virgo the flirtatious button is quite interesting because I never thought about it but your right we naturally draw others to us. Micro managers are not my cup of tea. I worked with one for a few years. Not an Aquarius but nonetheless a micro manager. And no I don’t like being told how to do things because nine times out ten I either have researched it to the inth degree or figured it out with that said my mind works quite well.
    Again you have hit some salient points. Good read and fun.

  2. As an Aquarian, I disagree with every single comment about Aquarius on this page! I am so much more like a Virgo it’s ridiculous. I think my birthdate must be wrong haha.

  3. I’m an Aquarius who was married to a Virgo for over 10 years that felt like 20. What can I say, like your typical Aquarian, I am not good at giving up on anything! During my dating after my divorce, I somehow fell for another Virgo man and was with him 6 months before I started having deja vu. This experience was the catalyst for learning all about astrology in my quest to prevent my life from turning into a version of the movie Ground Hog Day, where I am doomed to repeat waking up to the same man, same life every day!

    So trust me, I know a lot about Virgos pushing our buttons and in my experience, really only one of your 10 would be on my list.

    Numbers 1 and 2 are not a problem because we are extroverted introverts. While it’s true that there are times we want to go out and socialize with everyone, this takes a lot of effort and a toll on our energy level, so just as often we need to stay home and isolate ourselves from people to recharge.

    Number 3 shouldn’t be a problem either, because Aquarians love a good intellectual debate. Just be prepared, because we have research, data and charts and will destroy you! The only problem with these debates for me came when my Virgos would lose their temper, taking it beyond a sporting verbal sparring match into a personal attack. Which reminds me of one of the major things that did push my buttons. When problems arose in the relationship, I wanted to calmly discuss them and find a solution. This was never possible with my Virgos because no matter how diplomatically you tried to present it, they would errupt into a fit of temper at the mere mention that something they were doing might not be working well for me.

    Number 4 is not a problem, because Aquarians are used to seeing things in a different way from others. It doesn’t bother us that Virgos see things from a more detailed close-up perspective. For me it’s like Google maps, where my Virgos provided me with the zoom-in detailed perspective I Iacked. You need both the Aquarius zoom-out and the Virgo zoom-in perspectives to get somewhere, so this difference makes us a good team.

    Number 5 is very ironic because that was the source of most of my issues with my Virgos, only it was them trying to control me, not vice versa! We highly value freedom and being ourselves and we give others the freedom to be themselves too. I can’t imagine a true Aquarian trying to micro manage anyone! It would go against our core values. Maybe you mistook being offered advice as an attempt to micro manage? I learned right away not to give my Virgos any unsolicited advice in my effort to be helpful because they would resent it.

    Number 6….Bingo! Aquarians and the other 11 signs, including other Virgos, all hate, hate, hate the constant stream of criticism of everything and everyone! There is nothing more miserable than going through life with someone who cannot enjoy anything because there is something wrong with everything. Thank God, Aquarians are supremely self-confident, or I wouldn’t have an ounce of self-esteem left after all the years of fault finding I’ve endured with very few compliments to offset it! It amazes me that with all Virgos’ desire to control others, they haven’t figured out how effective compliments and praise are in affecting people’s behavior.

    Number 7. We actually can relate to Virgos not showing your feelings. Aquarians are often described as being aloof and detached. We guard our feelings too, so we get it. But at some point, both Virgo and Aquarius have to trust each other and make ourselves vulnerable if we want to be intimate. This can remain a very surface level relationship if we don’t .

    Number 8 is not a problem because Aquarians appreciate honesty and would rather have brutal honesty than pleasant lies. Unfortunately, both my Virgos’ sense of honesty was limited to being honest about the flaws they saw in others. It didn’t extend to being honest about their own flaws. And it didn’t prevent them from putting on a false front, and even lying, in order to look perfect to others. Aquarians hate when people are being fake. It was my Virgos’ dishonesty about themselves that pushed my buttons, not their precision honesty.

    Numbers 9 and 10. Nothing is more dangerous than a boy with charm, and you Virgos are a lethal weapon! This is how they hooked me both times. The intelligent, witty conversation reeled me in. Aquarians are pretty damn charming ourselves and attract lots of people and our friendliness can be taken as flirting too. Remember Aquarians love freedom, so we won’t try to cage you in. We aren’t possessive and don’t get jealous easily. My Virgos were both very possessive and never flirted with any women in my presence. Probably because they didn’t want to give me the green light to do the same lol

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