Bentley’s first Sunday strip!


To my readers and fans:

Bentley Northwood is a character I came up with out of thin air.  His character model is similar to John Penalli, star of The Condors, Love & Marriage and the extremely short lived Bonfire Quartet.  I decided to retire him and go in a radically different direction, hoping my comic strip game would come back.  Here’s a little info about Bentley Northwood:

  • He’s a 40 something bartender who went to college for a psychology degree but never finished.  He’s not sure if he wants to because he enjoys his work.
  • He was in a very short lived marriage, which he rarely references but when he does, it will be very relevant – no, you will not see his wife but I will pop in an occasional Easter Egg.
  • He considers himself a bit of a know-it-all, but his patrons appreciate his knowledge.
  • His closest two friends are Dr. Catalina “Cat” Toriano (originally “Tori” from Bonfire Quartet, but I imported her idea and modified it a slight bit) and Jimmy Glover, shown in the big panel here.
  • Cat and Bentley have an interesting history, but are nothing more than “besties.”
  • Bentley has several secrets nobody knows about, including a secret love of his, but that will be revealed over time (HINT:  It is NOT Cat).
  • Speaking of Cat, Bentley’s name was actually taken from my orange tabby cat, and that’s also why Bentley’s hair is almost a “carrot top” red.  His character is a tribute to my oldest cat.

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