Release – A Sonnet

This is my attempt at a Shakespearean-style Sonnet.  It is not exactly “top shelf” but I beg your indulgence, as this is a release moment for me.  I finally felt the courage to tell a story of heartbreak and freedom in a 14 line iambic pentameter verse.

I shall never forget when we first met.

Your eyes your lips so beautiful that day.

My heart fluttered feelings I shall not forget.

Your soul shone bright like light on a dark day.

All I could see was radiance ‘round me,

Pain of the past was never meant to last.

Days of old now gone in a flash you see

For that sadness was to become the past.

The pain renewed with a hearts full spurning,

Never a day gone by without a thought

For twenty years my heart had been yearning

My brain stuck on the pain that had been wrought.

One day my eyes at last saw what was true,

And on that day my heart just released you.

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