Set the standard, America!

From my Facebook page:

Closing it out with this:

Don’t just pray for peace, compassion, love and understanding, act the part! Set the standard! The only intolerance we should have is to one person harming another out of hate or aggression. That cannot be tolerated.

As for what everyone feels about certain leaders, there’s only so much we can do at the moment. Set the standard you want to hold them to. Instead of calling for government overthrow and murdering politicians, let’s hit the reset button for a few days. Set the standard in our communities by rooting out the rotten carcasses of human beings who are endorsing all this hate and violence on both sides. Set the standard by marginalizing them, shunning them, showing them they can say whatever the hell they want, but nobody is listening because what they say no longer matters. Set the standard by standing up to violence and helping law enforcement catch the offenders and bring them to justice.

Stand up America! Do right by others, and do it right now!


Feel free to copy this without attribution.  This is about healing, not fame.  Thank you.

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