A 38 Day Education 2.0: Jazzed up for your reading pleasure

After several months of editing and over a year of being “in the garage,” I am pleased to announce that A 38 Day Education (Book #1 of The Scope Series) was re-released last week on Amazon and on the store of my publisher, Crimson Cloak Publishing.

Now available from Crimson Cloak Publishing.

One of interesting parts of this journey was my decision to change publishers. While I am grateful to the previous house, Solstice, I felt a need to change course as far as full length novels go, especially following the failure of Sarah Books for the second book, Change Rising. Having both books under one imprint was just a good business decision.

The team at Crimson Cloak, including owner Carly McCracken and Editor In Chief Veronica Castle, have been fabulous with communication and their support. The overall package and product has been beyond my wildest dreams, and the contract provides me with a fair and stable agreement to work with. My editor, Deona, has been most patient with me and has found ways to tweak the story which makes it read different from before, but in a much more entertaining way. Finally, with the support of my family and my P.A., Wendi Stacilaucki-Hunsicker, I’m confident this series continue to grow to its logical and intended conclusion.

Now, as for the story itself, heres a few interesting nuggets about each character which will be revealed in full as the series goes on:

  • Jay Ferragamo suffers from several issues which will ultimately compromise his judgment.
  • Anshana Davis is caught in between a cultural and family rock and a hard place.
  • Cassie Owingers true intentions are not as pure and sweet as others may think.
  • Layna Dearforth is a tragic character.
  • Craig Johannsens destiny is far greater than anyone knows.
  • Ken Strasburg has a few dark secrets.
  • Andrew Halston saves the day in a very unlikely way.
  • Clarice McRae will turn her back on the entire team.
  • President Earl Falconer will betray The Scope in a way.
  • Tasha Davidson will give Jay exactly what he needs to win.

If that sounds juicy, then give the book a read. Better yet, leave an honest (positive or negative) review. I welcome the feedback.

Click here to buy A 38 Day Education

Just an FYI, I would like to thank Solstice Publishing for continuing to print Paper Losses, and I hope that they will consider some novellas and micro books I’m currently working on.

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