A New Era Begins: The Wandering Quill

I recently made the decision to do a little online home makeover. While I do still use the moniker “John’s Head” for many things, I felt it never truly encapsulated the scope of my work. So I turned inward and found inspiration from my family.

As many of you may now know, I have been dealing with the loss of my father for several months. My family has been a rock for me to lean on, and the bond we have developed from this tragedy has made us stronger than ever. For this reason, I have come to rely and trust their suggestions. Recently, when I posed the question of a good name for my website, I was told to incorporate the concept of the quill pen into it. This was an unusual suggestion, but one which I embraced and began to think about the best way to go about it.

The reality is I have a bit of a wanderlust to me. I love to check out new places, travel and enjoy new things. The same thing can be said for my writing; I most definitely enjoy experimenting with different genres, character concepts, and writing styles. I have had more than a few works I’ve thrown into the trash, both on screen and on paper. I have dabbled in podcasts, manuscripts and poetry, and of course comic strips. There was even a time where I actually created my own comic book. I always have the desire to give soething new a shot, because I never know which way things could go.

I have a love of the written word, and I love to travel, wander and find new things.

Which leads me to my website name. After realizing the amount of time I spend in my life wandering and wondering what to do, I decided to merge that wanderlust with my love of writing, hence The Wandering Quill. Yes there are several other blogs with this exact same name, but I truly believe that this name exemplifies who I am. I have a love of the written word, and I love to travel, wander and find new things. My goal over the coming year is to expound past what I used to be and become something far better; a writer who understands what it really means to ply my craft

I invite my readers and followers to offer their suggestions and content. I know several people who I will be re blogging from time to time, and I invite them to participate in collaborative efforts. It is my hope this blog will be an inspiration, and a wonderful outlet for my own feelings as I continue to start this new life.

I would just like to say this before closing out this particular post: the outpouring of support from my readers and followers, as well as my closest friends, has been tremendous. While I have had to deal with the occasional snarky remark regarding his passing, those have been few and far between, and I’m grateful for everyone who shared a kind word or offer a shoulder to cry on. I trust that my father would approve of this website change, as my goal is to be the best possible writer I can be. I appreciate your patience and look forward to you being able to bear witness to this new era of my writing career

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