Bentley Northwood

Bentley Northwood is my latest project.  A comic based, in part, on things which happen to friends and acquaintances of mine.  Bentley is a newly divorced bartender at Jacob’s, a local watering hole where many of his friends gather.  In his spare time, Bentley likes to take a walk outside in the fresh air and watch TV at home.  He lives with his old friend, Jimmy, who hangs out at Jacob’s with Catalina Toriano, a doctor at the local hospital.  Other characters include the bar’s manager and daughter of the founder, Cassidy; server and opinionated co-work DeVane, and guest appearances by a variety of individuals ranging from pop culture stars to legends of fables.  Bentley’s exploits are found on my Facebook Author’s page, as well as on my Twitter feed, with strips being posted to this blog as well for your entertainment.




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