Set the standard, America!

From my Facebook page: Closing it out with this: Don’t just pray for peace, compassion, love and understanding, act the part! Set the standard! The only intolerance we should have is to one person harming another out of hate or aggression. That cannot be tolerated. As for what everyone feels about certain leaders, there’s only…

America’s most dire issue, and how to fix it

Our nation has, indeed, reached a tipping point. Many of us have refused to act out of a sense of fear, or a simple desire to focus on our daily lives. This is understandable; most Americans are busy trying to survive, many are just doing their best to keep from falling behind in a landscape increasingly tilted towards those who are capable of quickly and efficiently, through either informal or legal means, acquire more wealth, power, and influence. The notion of a “New Feudalism” is not the province of conspiracy theorists – it is a clear and present threat to the very fabric of our national vitality, and one which must be confronted directly.

James Foley died with honor, even though those who killed him have none

Journalist James Foley, this week, met his end as so many other journalists and chronicles have over the centuries; at the tip of a blade. His death was that in the pursuit of a noble calling – telling the story of pain, suffering, corruption and abuse of power in a part of the world in which a power vacuum exists, and said vacuum is being filled by thugs, murderers, sociopaths and radicals all justifying their pathological blood lust through religion.